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T25 Schedule

What about Focus T25 Schedule?

The Focus T25 was created by the Beachbody Company and has been intensely promoted by Shaun T. Mainly it consists on a total-body workout program that focuses on your cardio and heartbeat rates and pushes to the limit the extension of your muscle cells. For all day consumers, Focus T25 is the child of the Insanity Program, which has a lower impact on your body and it is condensed in only 25 minutes workout per day.

Focus T25
The principal excuse people have for not going to gym and for not exercising are that they do not have free time. Being so, it has been created a program that is fast and efficient, and most important, it’s only 25 minutes. It can be done from anywhere and it doesn’t require special equipment or other factors that may displease you.

T25 schedule consists in a lot of jumps, squats, lunges and a running program to adjust your blood flow. There is no rest during the 25-minute workout and we guarantee you that at the end of each session you’ll find yourself all soaked in sweat and exhausted, but with an incredible amount of burned calories. And the best part is that after about half an hour of recovery, you will feel relaxed, open-minded and with a huge energy level.

Focus T25 Schedule – Who Is It For?

If you are looking to lose some pounds and get in shape, our program is the best solution. It won’t take long and beside, you will also gain a little bit of muscle, but remember, Focus T25 is not a bulk-up program, it’s about getting fit, increasing your stamina, stabilize your cardio and sweating out all your unwanted calories.

Focus T25 program is designed for males, females, all age users and all fitness levels. Also, it is perfect for every person, regardless his gym history. If you are already in shape and you just want to maintain your fitness level high, you can follow Shaun T’s crew and push your limits to the extreme, but if you are a newbie in the field of workout sessions, our T25 schedule may be the best entry point for you due to the fact that it is adjustable to your preferences, so if you hit your body limits quite early, you may change the workout program and reduce it’s time to feel comfortable, and after you get better, you can try to  adapt you skills with Shaun T.

However, if you are an experienced bodybuilder you should understand that Focus T25 is the perfect workout before weightlifting. It makes your body to eliminate a huge amount of sweat in a very short period of time, and it prepares you for any Beachbody program you may want to follow. Besides this, T25 schedule adjust your heartbeat rates, increases your workout resistance and ads a strength component to your warm up session before weight lifting.

Focus T25 Schedule vs. Others

Concerning the main workout programs available at this time, we must admit that all are similar, focusing each of them on the main body parts and preparing you for an intense workout session. The only things that differ from a program to another are the time assigned in order to finish the session and the intensity of doing them. Focus T25 has a lower intensity compared to Insanity Asylum and CrossFit Workout of the Day, but even so, being a fitness program, your body will be soaked in sweat at the end of each session.

T25 Results

Another advantage of following the Focus T25 workout program is that you need to commit to it only five days a week, while on programs like P90X, Body Combat and others, the time assigned for practicing them is 6-7 days a week, not to mention that our program sessions are only 25 minutes long, thing that makes T25 unique. It also eliminates the excuses like “I don’t have time” and “It’s too hard for me” that most persons use for not exercising

What’s in the T25 Schedule box?

Focus T25 program consists on a series of DVDs that include 2 main programs: Alpha-Foundation and Beta-Core, and a bonus DVD with a food guide, the Core Speed secret and a schedule poster.

Alpha Cardio

  • One of the most important programs in the entire workout
  • It uses the muscle isolation and burnout in order to cause your heart rate to increase very fast
  • It’s quite hard, so do not start doing it if you sat only in your room for a week long or if you feel very exhausted

Speed 1.0

  • The best workouts in order to adjust your heart rate: Speed, Stretch and Stability
  • There are no room for breaks in this program, you are going to feel your entire body burn from the first minute until the last one
  • It’s more than just moving fast, it’s about coordination on music background using Squat-Thrust-Crisscross technique

Total Body Circuit

  • The workout program focuses on both upper and lower body parts, by working them through various forms of pushups, squats and planks
  • After the 25 minutes session you will also benefit of a video with a 2.5 minute cool-down making stretching and relaxing your body and mind
  • Emphasizes the attention that BeachBody gives to the little things

Abs Interval

  • Introduces a new abs program that increase the abs rate that you do and inserts a mini break of cardio moves
  • All the moves are “new stuff” focused on isometric postures
  • Bonus a 3.5 minute cool-down for post exercises


  • Has the role to warm you up during the process
  • Combination of isometric postures and fast movements
  • There is no cool-down exercise provided because naturally you don’t even need one

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